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ANIBITE - Multipurpose Animal Holder

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There were lots of animal heads as “Hunting Trophies” on our wall for decoration. And it’s still going on until now as a hobby or someone’s benefit. This is an example for self-interest and harshness of human beings.​

A self-interest of human makes mass environmental destructions and many animals are being damaged and suffered. We must remember that even now these cruel Hunting trophies are making by our needs.​

Anibite is a product that under a concept of “Hunting Trophies” for warns us who sacrifices animals without knowing. We hope that all of its users remember those animals that are sacrificed for us and makes a little change for them.

Xivestory developed Anibite using patented technology of one touch opening and closing structure (patent registered in South Korea, appliaed in USA and China). For this product, we tested over hundreds of times to make perfection of design concepts, including characteristic of Bear, Leopard and Wolf. A texture like ceramic and deep color has been implemented by our know-how. Unlike with existing products, Anibite’s suction plate is made with non-toxic urethane adhesive gel, and it can attach with unsmooth surfaces like tiles. Also, the suction plate is washable to re-adhesion.

Anibite has designed for hygienic toothbrush holder which can use in dry environment like your office. But since we noticed that our customers need their toothbrushes dry well in humid place, we changed its structure to hold the object horizontally. That makes Anibite can hold lots of things less than 300g, 12mm like glasses, towel, shaver or pens. We hope you try Anibite’s in your way that we have not even thought of.

Contact us

Bundang Technopark A B210, Pangyo-ro 697,
Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,
Republic of Korea
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